Reading books is a habit which most of us do have and we enjoy it too. We love reading books in our leisure and some readers love reading even when they are doing some other works – those are called multi-tasker readers. They can be so creative in finding various ways to get their day’s work done and also finish what they have been reading. Are you one of those? Well, today, we are not talking about the specific qualities of the multitasker readers. Our topic is finding some of the best books to be read in September – in Indian September, to be specific. The weather is sticky with rains and summer and it’s not easy to maintain the calm and it’s too easy losing the cool of one’s head… can reading help? Of course! Reading books can help us keep the mind busy. So, what are some of the best books one can read this September? 

Well, we have done a little research and found that the best combination that would work for the readers might only be a mix of classics and moderns – getting back to the old school and also taking in some modern students of these modern schools. We have selected fiction as well as non-fiction to get the job done and create a bookish playlist – or in simple terms, the reading list for September 2017. We hope you will like to finish this reading list as soon as possible. 

Jude the Obscure: If you haven’t yet read this classic, this month of September is the best time to do it. Thomas Hardy, the late Victorian novelist who entered into the 20th century only to be found perplexed and confused because the world could seldom understand what he wanted to portray. Jude the Obscure is a novel which explores the theme of social evils in the then English Society (early 20th Century). Jude Fawley and Sue Bridehead are the central characters, far cousins who fall in love and remain together in spite of several challenges that the society throws at them but only to be separated by some different circumstances they cannot handle and ultimately only to find each other in such a bond which cannot be broken… You gotta read this novel before you read anything else and the best would be served to you by the writing flair of Thomas Hardy – the master of word-imagery! 

Narcopolis: Have you heard of this 2012 novel by Jeet Thayil? If not, this is about time that you should grab a copy and finish this novel. The Booker finalist, Narcopolis is one of the best novels a modern Indian writer could produce in the 21st century. Getting the impetus from his personal life as a drug addict, Jeet Thayil writes about the Mumbai of those days – Bombay and Mumbai of these days… what has changed and what has remained the same? Drug, women, night clubs, smoke… this is the novel of those darker moments which shrouded Mumbai and took into grip the youths. A MUST READ by all the means! 

Freedom from the Known: This is one of that sort of motivational book which will offer you the chance to meet yourself in loneliness and let you know more about your strengths, weaknesses and a general overall assessment of yourself which we often fail to make these days. A collection of talks delivered by the great Indian saint and Guru J Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known is the book which a reader can finish within 2-3 days and yet keep craving for more. We have found this book to be addictive which is unique in the terms of nonfiction books! 

Aesop’s Fables: Do you remember those stories your mother or your grandmother used to tell you in childhood? You will enjoy these classic fables too. A collection of great fables by the legendary writer Aesop will give you pleasure as well as a different angle to think about the meanings. What we read in childhood and we read now are two different things. Let’s see if you can decode these short stories! 

Nisha Nimantran: Well, we did include a Hindi book in our reading list as well. Nisha Nimantran is a collection of beautiful poems composed by the great poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan. These poems, many in numbers, will offer you relief and dramatic relief too from the worldly affairs… the poems are short, beautiful and nostalgic at times too. You can enjoy this book side by side with any other title you are reading. And we are sure this book of poems will last all September long for you. 

So, that’s all on our side for this month’s reading list. The September month has 30 days and we have offered you a list of five amazing books. You have  6 days for each and you can enjoy reading these wonderful pieces one by one or together… if you are a messy reader. Let us know in the comment section how did you like the recommendations. We will wait for your comments. Thank you and happy reading! 

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