“Well, I am a regular reader and I am constantly looking for new books – sometimes weekly and sometimes daily as well. However, when I get lucky, I get the free review copies and when I am not lucky, I have to pay for the books. Is there any possibility that I can get a few books free of cost? And that ‘free’ does not bar me to do some obligatory things?”

Is this not what every reader keeps thinking? Is this not the wish of every reader in India or anywhere else? In common words, this is the readers’ dream; they want free books and keep themselves indulged in the process of reading whenever they have free hours to spend. I am telling you an explosive secret today – you can absolutely get free books! You can get books from various genres and they get updated every week. Here is the surprise: get free books in India!
This platform is established to support the readers who are never tired of reading. By visiting this platform and signing up, the readers get a chance to get exclusive copies of the books before release, buying free copies from Amazon or buying copies from Amazon and getting paid instantly. Is this not surprising? Is this not something to cheer? I am excited! 
You can also join the exclusive WhatsApp group of Get Free Books India and get the messages whenever a new book is added to the database. You can get free ebooks, paperbacks and even the hardcover copies of bestselling books as well as newly launched titles. This platform also supports the authors who want to organise a giveaway. So, the platform connects the writers to the right readers for their books. It’s all happening, friends! Everything is falling in line – what else do you need as a reader? Free books… free books… and a little time! 
The platform will be helpful for the emerging book reviews enthusiasts as well as the companies which provide services related to book promotion in India. Until now, Free Paperbacks India has given away more than 600 copies of the books to the readers across India and more is waiting to be given away. You should not miss the opportunity… log on to their website and begin collecting the books to read in the coming weekends or holidays. A reader is never off duty; a reader is always reading! 
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