Pravin Anand is a novelist who has begun to get the appreciation of the readers for his romantic novels that he chiefly writes for the youths and young readers. His latest work, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal, has received favourable appreciation from the critics as well as readers. His other two novels, published earlier, have received an encouraging response from the readers. Pravin, in spite of being employed as a Block Development Officer in a district in UP, has managed to keep producing literary works through the years. 

Encouraged by his early, the very first, publications of two short stories in the leading national magazines, Pravin Anand began thinking about his writing since his days in the college. He completed his basic and elementary college education in Kanpur before doing MBA from a reputed institute in Prayagraj (known as Allahabad before). In spite of his excellence in management studies, he decided to join administration for employment and was later promoted to the post of BDO. 
The writings of Pravin are chiefly aimed at entertaining the youths as well as telling the stories to them. His plots often consist of stories that have depth and breadth. Most often, a reader will find a romantic drive which governs the novels by Pravin. His latest novel, a historical fiction, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal is also driven by the sheer idea of love. To critically analyse Pravin Anand’s writings, one has to understand the language that he uses and the simplicity of his diction. A reader can understand his literary productions very easily. His books and writings, fiction as well as nonfiction, can be read very quickly and understood likewise. So, his works can easily resonate with the fast life of modern youths and professionals who want a quick idea of entertainment rather than letting themselves be lost into reading a voluminous and tough title. 
More details on his writings will be added once Pravin publishes new works. Right now, you can learn more about his writings and his books by visiting his official website: Pravin Anand – official author website 


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