Read these authors when you are done with reading something you did not like!
Modern writing has more or less become predictable and readers seldom get anything other than what the already guess – usually a high dose of romance. Though I am not cutting off the pleasure that romantic writings do bring to our life, I am certainly questioning the ‘a lot’ that comes these days. So many authors – so many books – but only one caricature. Is it worth our time? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. So, today I have decided to write something for all those readers who want to read something other than their usual reading habits. Today, I will write about the authors who perfectly blend their writings with traditional literary devices and modern narrative to serve something contemporary but with the classical tempo. Let’s read about them now!

Anita Krishan: You can enjoy her writings any day! She is not only a seasoned author herself but also an author for all seasons. She has written many books by now and her work Despite Stolen Dreams has attracted many readers towards her style of novels. She does not offer anything that is ill-measured or cunningly weighed. Themes are broader and the plot is exciting and yet, you will feel that you are reading something that can be called contemporary classic writing. Her language is marvellous! You can find her books on Amazon: Click here to visit buy her books
Jiddu Krishnamurti: Though he did not write any novel, his non-fiction writings are not less than the mystery novels you might never have read! Try reading his works in your boredom and you will learn. Try wrestling with his ideas in your leisure and you will learn to spend time with yourself. Try learning from his words and you will start seeing the world from various different perspectives. An Indian philosopher has many things to surprise you in his books. Click here to by J Krishnamurti’s books from Amazon
Ravi Dabral: Well, he is a newly established Indian novelist who has kickstarted his writing career with a novel that talks of various ways of leading a life – and the main two that come to the fore, contrasting each other, are spiritualism or materialism. His debut novel, Greed Lust Addiction, has already been read by thousands and many others are reading it. Ravi Dabral’s writing is a forceful way of persuading people towards the essential values in life – speaking truth, remaining honest and doing something dutifully. I am sure you will like his work once you start reading it. Click here to buy Ravi Dabral’s books on Amazon
Anton Chekhov: Well, if you don’t know this guy yet, you are certainly far behind in the race of reading good authors! You should get his books and start reading the metamorphosis that this author creates with his ideas – sometimes dark and sometimes too bright for us to see through! Perhaps the greatest short story writer in the world until now, this Russian author has given the world of literature many things and he will be alive with us, in our readings.
Ashwin Sanghi: You might have read a few of his works already if you are into reading other than Bhagats and his kind. However, if you haven’t read any of Ashwin Sanghi’s work, you are yet indebted to the great Indian contemporary literature. You have to read some of his novels to understand what kind of works and how significant ones, he writes. Ashwin Sanghi takes the readers into a different world than what we live in and then we are told his greater stories! Do read him!
So, guys, this is my list for the day and I am sure that you will love reading these authors from India and other places in the world. Mostly are Indians except for the one Russian guy whom I love when it comes to short stories.
article by Nirmal for The Best Books

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