“EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU,” authored by Dr. Anjum Shaikh, significantly contributes to women’s health and hygiene discourse. As a distinguished public health expert, Dr. Anjum leverages her extensive experience and expertise to craft a guide that is both informative and transformative. In this book review, I will try to bring the best of the book to the readers of The Best Books. I will do my best to objectively analyse the book, exploring its content, structure, strengths, and potential areas for improvement. So, let’s go with it! Let’s begin with the very soul of the book – Content and Structure.


Content and Structure:

The book is designed to address the often-overlooked aspects of female health and hygiene, breaking through the barriers of silence and taboo that have long surrounded these topics. Divided into well-organised chapters, “EmpowHER” covers a broad spectrum of women’s physical and mental well-being issues. Key areas include menstrual health, pregnancy care, intimate well-being, menopause, and the maintenance of overall hygiene.

Dr. Anjum’s writing style is characterised by clarity and compassion. She employs accessible language that makes the book suitable for a broad audience, from teenage girls to adult women. Each chapter is concise yet comprehensive, providing practical advice and actionable insights. The book’s structure ensures readers can easily navigate the various topics, making it a user-friendly guide for personal health and hygiene.


Key Themes and Insights:

One of the book’s most commendable aspects is its focus on debunking myths and dispelling misconceptions surrounding women’s health. Dr. Anjum addresses societal stigmas head-on, empowering women to make informed choices about their well-being. This myth-busting approach fosters a more open and educated discourse on female hygiene.

The book also delves into the importance of understanding and embracing one’s body at every stage of life. From adolescence to menopause, “EmpowHER” guides women in maintaining hygiene and health. This lifelong approach ensures that readers gain a holistic understanding of their bodies and the various changes they undergo.

Another cornerstone of the book is practical advice. Dr. Anjum offers tips on navigating everyday challenges with grace and dignity, from maintaining intimate relationships to balancing personal and professional life. These insights are grounded in real-life scenarios, making them highly relevant and applicable.



1. Accessibility and Clarity: Dr. Anjum’s ability to explain complex health topics in simple, understandable terms is one of the book’s greatest strengths. The accessible language ensures that the information is easily digestible, regardless of the reader’s background or prior knowledge.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: The book’s extensive coverage of women’s health and hygiene is commendable. Dr. Anjum provides a well-rounded perspective on female health by addressing physical and mental well-being.

3. Practical and Actionable Advice: The book offers practical tips and actionable insights. These suggestions are easy to implement and highly effective in promoting better hygiene and overall health.

4. Empowerment and Encouragement: The empowering tone of the book inspires women to take control of their health and well-being. Dr. Anjum’s compassionate approach encourages readers to embrace their bodies and make informed choices.

5. Breaking Taboos: By tackling taboo subjects such as menstrual health and intimate well-being, Dr. Anjum contributes to a much-needed conversation on female hygiene. This openness helps to normalise discussions about women’s health and reduces the stigma associated with these topics.


Areas for Improvement:

While “EmpowHER” excels in many areas, there are a few aspects that could be enhanced to improve the reader’s experience further:

1. Depth of Emotional Well-being Sections: Although the book addresses emotional well-being, these sections could benefit from more depth and detail. Expanding on topics such as mental health challenges and coping strategies would provide a more comprehensive understanding of this critical aspect of women’s health.

2. Varied Stylistic Approaches: Some readers may find the consistent format across chapters somewhat monotonous. Introducing varied stylistic approaches for different topics could make the reading experience more engaging and dynamic.

3. Cultural and Social Challenges: While the book touches on societal stigmas, a more in-depth exploration of cultural and social challenges related to women’s health would be beneficial. This would provide a more nuanced perspective and help readers navigate these issues more effectively.

4. Length of Chapters: Some chapters, particularly those dealing with complex issues, could be longer to offer more detailed information. This would enhance the reader’s understanding and provide a more thorough exploration of each topic.



“EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU” by Dr. Anjum Shaikh is a valuable resource for women seeking to enhance their health and hygiene. The book’s accessible language, comprehensive coverage, and practical advice make it a must-read for women of all ages. Dr. Anjum’s empowering approach and commitment to breaking taboos contribute to a more open and informed discourse on female health.

While there are areas for improvement, such as the depth of certain sections and the introduction of varied stylistic approaches, the book’s overall impact is profound. “EmpowHER” is a celebration of womanhood and an invitation for women to reclaim their health, joy, and vitality. It is a transformative guide that empowers women to become the heroines of their own lives. For anyone seeking to elevate their intimate well-being and embrace their true selves, “EmpowHER: Wellness, Hygiene & YOU” is an indispensable guide that promises to inspire and guide towards a life of confidence, health, and happiness.


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