There are many occasions than fewer when we get to read the authors who are debutants. It is natural because many new authors are trying their hands at writing and more and more people are taking interest in reading books because books are the best possible companions that one could have – without complaints and without any prejudice. So, what non-fiction books are you reading these days? Who are the authors that you have tried? Who are the favourite ones among them? And, most importantly, who are the new non-fiction authors who make sense to you? In this article, I will write about the non-fiction authors I read in July 2020 and also the ones that I liked from the contemporary ones.

I have read a book by V S Sury, recently, entitled Parallels. The book was enjoyable and I enjoyed reading it for many reasons. Mr Sury has tried to connect the dots that we often ignore and he inquires into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the things around him. Taking references from scriptures and weighing those on the scale of science… this is what the book is about and it has been a good ploy by the author in his debut non-fiction attempt. Parallels makes sense and so does the author, V S Sury.

I have read The Concept of God by Vinoth M, an author who has tried to do the same thing but other way round, compared to V S Sury. Vinoth M’s approach is more and more scientific as he takes on the concepts that we usually associate with the existence of God and God’s idea. Vinoth, scientifically and logically, within his ambit, tries to lead the readers into thinking that most of the things (and eventually everything) comes after human beings only. Vinoth’s approach is that of a rationalist who weighs everything on the same scale. There are various concepts in the book and God has been given one complete chapter after being featured in almost all the chapters. Vinoth M sounds intriguing, interesting and certainly readable.

Well, I read one more book this July which was written by E M Forster, entitled Two Cheers for Democracy. Though this is an old book, perhaps a century old now, it was good to read. However, more than fascinating, the book sounded unconvincing and hypocritical to me and I could not help reading it more and more in order to understand the typical Western psyche that believes that only ‘they’ are right and everyone else in the world is a fool who will believe whatever they say, easily. You may read it if you want.

And the final book (not the final I read) that I want to mention here is by Nataraj Sasid, an author who has recently launched himself into the world of writing by getting a title, Self-Publishing: Expectations vs Reality. The book is for authors, established and wannabe, which tells them each and almost, everything about self-publishing, publishing in general and also about the world book promotions, marketing and many other things. Do remember, this is a self-help kind of book for authors who will understand nuances of publishing and their possible outcomes of this venture.

Well, before I conclude this article, let me mention one more and final book on this list of best non-fiction books I read in July 2020, a book meant for business professionals and corporate officials who are given to business and deals, negotiations and projects day and night – Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij. If you want to know about business ethics and personal investments in business, you are going to read this book. Shawn Vij, who is a business baron himself, has come yup with this book which directly originates from his personal experiences as a struggler and also as a successful person indulged in business. Moral Fiber will be more than wonderful for officer goers and the people who spend more than 8 hours a day inside the office premises.

I am sure the list will be useful for different kinds of readers who will be interested in reading books by non-fiction writers who write different kinds of books, books other than the casual books we get to read every day… all the best guys! You will surely be enjoying… keep reading and don’t get out unless its essential.

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