Prabhat Ranjan and his books (the upcoming ones) are in the buzz these days. With the announcement of his second novel, Priyanka – A Pakistani Girl, Prabhat Ranjan has set the book world on a storm. He has talked about the issues which are not only grave but untouched until the date. Nevertheless, we will be talking about his first novel With You; Without You right now. This novel is all set to be released very soon and before the release, the novel has already garnered reviews and feature spots on the major and leading book platforms. So, did you have the chance to know about the novel With You; Without You yet? I will get it done for you today. We will get into a little detail of the novel in this feature. 

With You; Without You is a novel written in Hindi and it has been published by Story Mirror publications. Prabhat Ranjan, the author from Patna, has a great regard for the Hindi language and this is the reason perhaps for his great command on the language itself. He has been writing shorter pieces and poetry for a while and only his passion for writing has put him on this pedestal today. Many critics have called With You; Without You a complex and rather philosophical love triangle which explores the various patterns of love, friendship and the grey area between these two things – the space between love and friendship. 
An engineer by profession, Prabhat had great opportunities of experiencing various facets of relationships in his life. WIth mature thinking and a completeness of the language, he has given his debut novel more than what a reader could expect from the debut novelist. He has written about the experiences we all go through in our daily lives but cannot easily decipher those. Let’s take a look on one of the quotes from With You; Without You: 
“निशिन्द, यह सही है कि प्यार कभी भी किसी से हो सकता है पर इसका यह मतलब तो नहीं कि एक इन्सान को एक साल में तीन बार प्यार होगा! एक रिश्ते में रहते या उस रिश्ते से हटते ही किसी दूसरे से प्यार हो जायेगा, फिर दूसरे रिश्ते में रहते या उससे हटते ही तीसरे से प्यार हो जायेगा, और फिर तीसरे रिश्ते में रहते या उससे हटते ही किसी चौथे से प्यार हो जाएगा! क्या सच में यह इतना सिंपल है, इट इज सो इजी, इज नाट इट? रीयली इज इट?”
With two male protagonists and a female protagonist at the centre of this novel, With You; Without You explores many unknown and undisclosed facets of this modern lifestyle which feature love, sex, friendship and many other human emotions sometimes casually and sometimes too seriously. Prabhat Ranjan has explored these things in the best possible way an author could do and it makes his novel surely one of the most awaited titles of the year 2017! 
The love story of Rami, Nishind and Aditya will hit the bookstores online in a few days from now. Make sure you grab your copy and read the novel in one go. Don’t miss the world of love and friendship and all the sweet-bitter days around these pleasant human relationships in the fictional fallacy created by the emerging author Prabhat Ranjan
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