The Golden Treasury is still one of the best books for the beginners as well pros in the field of poetry, whether you are a poet of just a reader and lover of poetry. The initiative started by Palgrave has reached a different level now. Serving millions of readers worldwide, Golden Treasury is a book for you if you want to dive into the vast ocean of poetry and sink deeper and deeper reading those magical verses and the modernist rumble and the Victorian woe and the Romantic youthfulness in the love for nature and beauty… If not yet, you should grab a copy right away from Amazon and see for yourself how deeper the poetry can penetrate into your heart and make it a poet. 

Serving the best right from the beginning to the post-modern, Palgrave’s collection (modified several times now) of poetry will let you enjoy the chasm in the best possible way. Whether you want one of those cynical poems by Francis Bacon or want to read one of those by John Keats’ best ones, you will have all of those engraved in the book for you. Enjoy the best of the Shakespeare’s sonnets or admire the best of the Elizabethan ballads praising the beauty of adorable women… 
Not only for the lovers of poetry, the book is equally useful for the academic students as well who have to read various pieces from here and there. They can have it all assembled at one place for them. The book has over five hundred poems and this is indeed a huge collection by any possible measure. You can enjoy some of the best-known poems of the English poetry history as well as some of the lesser known too. Some of the longer poems Such as Lycidas and several others are also to be found in the collection. And you will also find some of the shorter ones. And the best thing for the academic students’ perspective is that you will also find the notes and the end of the book which will clarify the difficult words or the meanings. 
For various reasons specified and unspecified, Palgrave’s Golden Treasury is surely one of the best collections of poetry in the history of English literature. If you haven’t yet got it with you, you MUST. Because being a poet requires reading of poetry on a mass scale and even being an admirer of poetry demands understanding the poetry of different genres and levels. For any purpose whatsoever, you cannot deny the usefulness of this great book! 
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