To be honest, a brief glance at some of the pages and a detailed look into 1-2 chapters I found intriguing on first looking, The Shambala Sutras has arrested my attention so much so that I will certainly read the book ASAP… I have been reading mythological fiction by Indian novelists for a while and I really appreciate some of the novels published while having strict opinions on some of the publications as well. However, Aurijit Ganguli’s debut novel based on the myth, history, speculations and beliefs around Shambala, the hidden kingdom, is a different kind of fiction and it does deserve a look, a read and an appreciation!


Shambala is important for Buddhist beliefs, Hindu beliefs and also mystic beliefs. The novelist has given space for each one of them in his novel and he has done it quite emphatically, wonderfully and with a delicate balance that allows the ‘fiction’ to sustain and flow freely. The novelist has crafted his novel with a wonderful overview of his events, plot, twists in the plot and a straightforward tale. Once you begin reading the work, you will be exposed to secrets after secrets… beliefs after beliefs, theory after theory, and yet, you will not feel bored… the initial overview of chapters has made this firm impression on my mind.

The novel also Lins a few of the biggest conspiracies in the world, related to India, that you will find more than simply interesting. Linking secrets to the book was usual and expected but such kind of conspiracy theories to be linked with a fiction based on mythology is not only new but also far more intriguing… it will certainly add new colours to the reading pleasure that readers will extract by reading this novel by Aurijit.

As Aurijit believes in adding value to his fiction, you can also find very revealing factors about religious beliefs, ancient wisdom and ascetic philosophy in his novel in a way that you will neither feel dodged by it nor the weight of fiction will lose any pound. This might seem to a new experiment in fiction writing, as far as mythological genre is concerned, which has been successfully executed by the new novelist.

As a reader, I am truly excited to read the book on a weekend… as a critical reader, I am more than excited to understand the fiction strategy of Aurijit Ganguli. I will keep you all posted with my developments and I will surely publish a book review once I finish the novel. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon if you cannot resist yourself from knowing the secrets of Shambala… All the best!

By Suman for The Best Books

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