I have finished reading India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time, written by Savitha Rao, two days back and since then a number of questions are continuously hitting my head, not letting me sleep. Am I a proud citizen of India? What did I do to make my country better? Do I know my responsibilities as a citizen of India? Am I fulfilling them? These questions actually took my peace and forced me to introspect.


This book is a real blockbuster book. More than a book, it is an alarm which keeps on ringing until you recognise your responsibilities towards the country and take actions to transform its future. It is indeed a great work by the author which describes experiences of people and explains how we can partake to make our country better.

A compilation of 52 short, kind, enlightening and empathetic stories of different business houses, vendors, sellers, and individuals (who come from different walks of life), this book is a must-read to understand how a small step can bring big changes in the protection and development of the society you live in. Through this book, the author urges us to do one or two things, every week, to contribute our share in nation-building week by week, month by month, year by year. Savitha urges that anything you do is important – howsoever big or small!

Interesting facts about the book are many but one of the most interesting ones that I like to highlight is its simple-go-get-it content design. You can read the book in any way you want. Yes, an amazing thing about this book is that you can read it from wherever you want. You don’t need to read it page after page. This gives you the liberty to choose the story you want to read first. Each story of the book are capable of bursting the bubble of illusion which you have created around you and reminds you of your duties and provokes you to activate your action mode.

Considering everything that I have mentioned so far, the book is an absolute winner when it comes to awareness and inspires you to fulfil your responsibility as a citizen of India and change the society and surroundings as well as the environment around you for a better tomorrow. It is one such book that should not only read but also understand by everyone Indian, whether it is a kid (who can read and understand) or a senior citizen.

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