There is nothing in the world that can make a reader happy more than a good book! And good book, when I say this, can be any book that stands up to the definition of the occasion. A collection of short stories that I read recently stood up to the occasion for me and I am more than just delighted in sharing the same with you.


However, before I do that, let me tell you that I am rather happy seeing an experiment in the positive direction… an attempt made by an Indian author in a genre that not many authors opt for. Biswajit Banerji’s short stories collection, Happimess, is something to cheer, enjoy and share!

Biswajit Banerji, in his introduction, which is nothing less, announces his aims and opinions. He also makes some impressive remarks and this one, among many wonderful statements made in the introduction, does deserve a chance to be shared and read by the readers who might not have the book yet.

“True humour and satire have never ever grown on trees – so as to be plucked and served on a latter the easy-breezy way.”

And this is true as well. Humour and satire are something that needs to be brewed from the chunks of literary masses; and, when you read this short story collection by this author, you come across many examples of satire, humour, irony and all happens as if you are witnessing ordinary instances of ordinary life… Happimess is a collection of short stories that are extracted from real life, day to day confusions and chaos… and yet, the author has been able to make the most out of those because he could think outside the box. Happy endings are nothing but illusions to make you believe there was no other perspective. Biswajit has shunned that belief, almost!

To all the readers who might be getting this short stories collection to read soon, be ready to embrace something that might be going around you, in the neighbourhood or the office, and enjoy it in the form of a short story. While many other authors focus on showing you what generally cannot be, Biswajit has taken the responsibility of showing you what can generally be… mostly has been happening and might surely be. Realism has been married to satirical observations and this marriage will yield many fruitful occasions for the readers to laugh, be delighted and wonderfully enjoy the literature they read. All the best!

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