Ghostbusters and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by Debadatta Satpathy, an author who belongs to Odisha, India. A versatile professional with a quality educational background mixing two different streams, Debadatta’s writings have also been versatile yet written in a simple narrative so that the readers can enjoy them without any hindrance or any particular skill set. The book has been praised for its content and its simplicity and also the vision behind the short stories itself – as the author Debadatta Satpathy believes that short stories should leave some impression behind on the minds of the readers even after they have finished reading.

The collection Ghostbusters and Other Stories is having ten wonderful short stories in the book form, to be precise. Most of the stories take us back to the nostalgic past and some of them also try to have a leisurely look at the present scenario. The stories are simple yet attractive because all of us, the readers, must have wonderful memories from the past which might interest us a lot! And Debadatta has banked on the same notion. 
There are also two stories which might be seen as ghost-stories – one the children’s adventure, the very first one and another is a little elderly experience with ghosts during a train journey. The author has narrated most of the stories in a first-person account and that vouches one step further for the accountability of the narrative being presented and it offers the readers a sigh of relief. 
Simple yet fascinating and offering literary relief – it can be said safely for the short stories that Debadatta has presented in his second collection of stories, Ghostbusters and Other Stories. He is surely an author in making and he offers his writings to his junior readers as well as the senior readers – youths and elders alike can enjoy his pleasant writings on any Monday or Tuesday or special Sundays. He writes with his heart and mind involved. And the best part is that they are almost the truths – experience speaks! You can enjoy his stories by getting a book for yourself from Amazon right now: 

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