Decoding Chetan Bhagat is not a task which demands more indulgence. You can easily bring out the lines which make Chetan Bhagat stand and know in no time what does he do to remain relevant as an author among the readers. He has absolutely a nerve-knowing tendency and he uses it to know what the readers think in casual reading hours. And voila – Chetan Bhagat is a bestseller! There are some distinct features in his works which keep the author close to the readers of young age who want to read romantic or sexually explicit fiction but with a cover which bears the name of some popular figure and who can be better than our beloved Chetan Bhagat? 

Themes: Most of the novels (there are some 5 or 6 there) are based on the themes which have youths of the country in the centre. Sometimes girls and sometimes boys and most of the times both the sexes come together to make it the best of the spectacles of fiction. The prowess of such themes ensures that Chetan Bhagat’s works are circulated among the youths organically and he succeeds most often. 
Plot: He keeps the things very simple. He does not toe unnecessary embellishments in the plots and excessive of hidden content. Chetan Bhagat knows what the youths want to read. Today, the young readers will certainly not like reading William Thackeray of Charles Dickens. The Victorian plots were heave and had the elements which were complex and sometimes implicit. With Bhagat, everything takes shape and gets executed upfront and there is no worry at all. 
Language: His language is simple, ordinary and dry. He refrains from using the high-tongue or the words which demand an observation in the dictionary before the reader could read the next line. He knows exactly that his readers are the casual readers who just read fiction for sheer pleasure and if on the pleasure part, there is a demanding diction which demands time, they will rather watch a movie! Once you read his novels like Two States, One Indian Girl, Revolution etc, you will find that his works are designed to be read quickly – within a day! 
And so, these are the traits which make Chetan Bhagat an author he is – the darling of youths and young readers. It is advised to the youths by their companions that if they want to start reading literature, they should read Chetan Bhagat. 
However, friends, our advice is that you should not read excessive of Chetan Bhagat or you can lose your interest in reading fiction altogether. Chetan’s books are good for short-term pleasure and killing your leisure. However, if you are interested in reading fiction which is serious and genuine and standard, you should turn towards the authors who have known reputation in the field with respect. Modern ones in India like Amitav Ghosh, Anita Krishan, Kiran Desai, Jeet Thayil and Ashwin Sanghi are some of them. Have a happy reading hour! And enjoy the literature you read but make sure you are not swayed a lot by the winds… 

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