The Kindle reader and Kindle books: are they the better choice over the traditional books and us, the usual readers? This is a question which keeps coming regularly in the minds of most of us who are the eventual readers and cannot live without reading. But, is this at all a question? Should we even bother about on which device we read or just keep on reading, that’s what we do the best. But, let’s address this question now. It is the about time we should have some views from the experts (published time and again). Kindle vs physical! 

Well, first of all, this is all about our convenience. What makes us comfortable is what we should live with. People who like reading physical books should not bother about anything else and those who like the up to date technology should stick with it. There is no conflict at all! These are all but the works of an empty mind – pondering over the questions like this. 

Still, let’s get into a little fact checking and some other things. Now, what is cheaper? Kindle of the paperbacks? In most of the cases, you will find that the Kindle version of the books are rather cheaper than those paperbacks (and we are deliberately ignoring those cost-eating hardbound editions). Then, which one is portable? That’s surely the Kindle edition. You can carry as many books as your memory allows on the smart devices. Can we carry more than 3 or 4 of the paperback editions with us on a casual day? The answer is absolutely a no! 

Still, some of us who are the rigorous readers often like the paperback or hardbound editions because we love to indulge with the book as much as we can. The Kindle book might not give us that luxury however smart techniques the engineers might bring. We cannot use our classic colour pencils and we cannot colour the Kindle and we cannot pin our fancy gothic bookmarks on the pages… So, for the readers who are rather hardcore, the physical book is still the best available option out there and this generation of those hardcore readers will surely pass on the technology thing for now… 

by a TBB staff

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