Many times, before we read some new book, we want to be assured of the author’s skills, his personality and his experience in the writing industry. This may be termed as a necessary background check for some readers while just a curious case of a reader for other ones. Nevertheless, 80 out of 100 readers do conduct such surveys and we are just making it easy for them. Today, we are going to write about a new author one of our readers will be reviewing in a few days – Ananda Karunesh. 

Who is Ananda Karunesh? 

According to the book, A Thousand Seeds of Joy, the author Ananda Karunesh has experienced a Zen awakening at the young age of 19 and since then, for the past 35 years, he has been indulging and spirituality and meditation. His practice is an amalgamation of various sects and schools of thoughts and the same can be found in his debut book. 

What kind of writing has he offered in his debut book? 

In his debut book, A Thousand Seeds of Joy, Ananda Ji (as people call him) has focused on a neo-spiritual writing which sees the religious and spiritual concepts with a new view. His concepts in this book are backed by satisfactory pieces of evidence and arguments which will be rather new for many readers. Moreover, the author has also tried to establish (and successfully convince) the readers that he has only asked the questions and the arguments that you read in the book are offered by Goddesses! So, A Thousand Seeds of Joy show that Ananda Ji has just conveyed the message of the Divinity to the readers!

What are the future writing projects author is working on? 

His debut book is the first part of a series – Ascended Goddesses Series. So, we can assume that more works in this direction must be in line with the author’s name. Moreover, he is also working on other spiritual books as he believes in simplifying the process of understanding and practising spirituality. You can read more in his interview here: Ananda Karunesh – an Interview 

With which legendary authors Ananda Karunesh can be listed? 

Well, that is purely on the conscience of the readers. We think that the quality of his demystifying writing will certainly earn him a very good place in the mind of the readers. We will have to wait for his new titles so that we see where does his legacy go. However, his writing’s glimpse in his very first book is certainly indicating that he has the potential to become a popular as well as a respected author among the conscious and intellectual readers. 

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