IT happens many days. Many times in a day or many days the same story – we think to meet like-minded people and discuss what’s vexing our mind. Doesn’t it happen to you? I am a literature enthusiast and I always think I could meet many people who share the enthusiasm and would like to discuss things related to English Literature with me and luckily, I have found it now. An English literature discussion board made in India and mainly for Indians who are literature students, teachers, professors, enthusiasts, writers, poets and whatever… discover it here: English Literature Forum

For students: Students of English literature can participate in various discussions going on in the forum. They can share and exchange their ideas and opinions on various literary topics with others and gain knowledge and enhance their understanding about the topics – according to the various periods in English literature history, according to the schools of writing, about the various critical theories and so on. 
For NET aspirants: The students who aspire for UGC NET English literature examination can get a lot on the forum. They can get tips, expert opinions and also valuable feedbacks on which books to study and which ones to avoid. There is a dedicated discussion board for the NET aspirants. 
For professors and teachers: The literature forum offers a badge of literature expert to scholars and enthusiasts who want to volunteer and share their knowledge with others. If you are a professor or a person with a deep knowledge of English literature, you can join the forum team and help students and others with their problems related to literature. What else do you want? Go join the board now! 
The forum also wants to share with the members and visitors a platform where Indian college and university students can easily get the answers to their queries related to English Literature. They are working on it and it seems that an Indian version of a literary platform is in the making but, for a twist and pleasure, it will be free of cost… 
We will have to wait and see how long does it go and how many people are benefitted with such benevolent projects of the literary enthusiasts. However, if you have literary interest, do join the forum and share your opinions with others. Let’s mingle and let’s exchange the ideas… let’s understand Shakespeare and Eliot from each other’s eyes… 
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