Moving for Moksha, the latest poetry collection by Alok Mishra, a well-known Indian English poet, has come out recently. This is a poetry collection with 14 poems and one surprising poet at the end. The collection also contains 14 suggestive, symbolic and poems’ related graphics. The images are added before the poems in each of the chapters. The poetry collection, as the title suggests and also the book description on Amazon and Goodreads highlight, is about one’s experiences in life and the desire to meet with the maker, the almightly. The book has come life on 6 May 2020. 

This title by poet Alok Mishra has come almost after a year and a half after the publication of Alok’s first poetry collection, 13 Untitled and Weird Poems. The previous collection came out in October 2018 and this has appeared in May 2020. Though the count of the poems has increased by 2, this time, the inclusion of graphics has made it even more interesting. The previous collection of poems has received a wonderful response from the readers on Goodreads. It was also appreciated by the top book bloggers in India for vividity that it offered to poetry lovers in India. This time, it is to be seen how the readers’ community responds to this cryptic collection Moving for Moksha. 
Alok Mishra is a well-known poet in India who has been composing poems for more than 10 years now. Though he began his journey as an author with his debut work published in 2012, Being in Love, he kept publishing poems independently on his official website and a few other online platforms for poets and poetry lovers. Very focused on increasing the value for Indainess in Indian English poetry, the poet has been advocating for this cause for long. Alok has recently been selected for pursuing his research in the domain of Indian English poetry with a focus on establishing that Indianness in Indian English poetry is the quality that makes it praiseworthy and wonderful in the truest sense. And his own poetry collection, Moving for Moksha, seems very much inspired from his thoughts and interests. 
The foreword of this collection has been written by Nidhi Parikh, a poet writing in Hindi and English and also one of the founding members of Bhakti Kavitayen platform. In her foreword, Nidhi highlights that the poems included in this collection offer vivid experiences of life in various colours. She also highlights that these poems will be interesting as well as enlightening for the readers who want to know the secrets of life. The collection of poems begin with a setback to the protagonist and when he experiences a fall in his life and moves on, on the path of realisation that eventually leads him to Moksha. The poems, the graphics and the storyline will create an overall impact on the readers. 
The book has been published on Amazon in the Kindle format and it is available for purchases. Interested readers can get a copy from Amazon India and find some very interesting poems to read.

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