Ashvamegh Magazine, famous nationally and internationally, has recently launched its very own self-publishing house. By going through the website, one can understand that Ashvamegh wants to bring transparency to the practice of publishing. Previously, it has revolutionised the field of literature and creative writing by starting a magazine that gave the opportunity to many young and emerging writers, it has now opened a new challenge for older names in the self-publishing industry with the launch of Ashvamegh Publication.


All the so-called best self-publishing company in India saga will just grow even more interesting and exciting as Ashvamegh emphasises on keeping it at low cost and rather utilising the budget for marketing purposes which no company in India offers very clearly. Right now, most of the publishing houses only offer publishing packages which are often heavier than their promises. Ashvamegh, being owned by the BookBoys PR company, has a rich marketing suit to offer to its authors and this changes the game entirely. Any author would like to go with a publishing house that guarantees them the marketing of their book. 
Currently, Ashvamegh is offering three fixed budget publishing options and also customisation of the budget feature that will really interest the authors in the long run. If any author wants to decide the course of his or her budget, the option is there. Take the charge, select the services you like, ask for the pricing, you can also ask for discounts if you want, create a package and get it going! Isn’t that smart? 
Ashvamegh has many projects already in its bag even before a fully-featured start of the website! It shows how much the authors want transparency in their self-publishing goals and the company is offering just that! Authors, if you are on a low budget, you can go with Ashvamegh’s option for low budget publishing that will take care of your ambition even at a lower budget. 
All the best, aspiring writers! Remember to invest your budget wisely when you go for self-publishing. Make it smart and make it big! 

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