Meet the new-age entertainers for the lovers of Indian English fiction! These authors have tried to establish themselves, if not as the leaders, as the challenging contenders in their respective genres. What does a fiction lover demand from an author? A few hours of entertaining and exciting engagement with the content that can make them forget their worries and woes for a while. And the ones who can deliver them this quality are the fan-favourites among the readers of Indian English fiction. In recent months, authors like Ravi Dabral and Rishabh Bhatnagar have emerged as the new fan-favourites. Let’s get introduced to them and their writing. 

Ravi Dabral is certainly rising to a level where he can be called one of the best crime thriller novelists in India right now. His debut work Greed Lust Addiction has done the best to establish him as an author with maturity in plots and variety in themes. With over 500 reviews on Goodreads and counting, the novelist’s work has impressed the readers and book critics alike. His writing is based on the simple philosophy and the basic rule of creative writing – try to reach as many readers as you can and deliver the message that is beyond simple entertainment. Greed Lust Addiction has done the same – Ravi Dabral has tried his best to reach many readers with his simple style of writing and very simple language usage. His plot is diverse and takes turns swiftly leaving the readers impressed and excited to know what further happens. You can read his debut work by getting a copy of this book from Amazon India: Buy the novel – click here to buy 
Unlike Ravi Dabral, the writing domain of young novelist Rishabh Bhatnagar is very different. His latest work is The Great Indian Bust which is a novel in continuation. The 23-years-old novelist has written about his own childhood and teenage days and tried to establish an authentic narrative that tells the readers about various expectations and hopes developing in the hearts of youths who are growing in their society of middle-class people of India which forms a very large part of India’s population. Rishabh Bhatnagar’s writing is simple and it synchronises with the language of youths and also the actions of the younger generation of India. Rishabh’s novel has been liked by the younger readers of India and has been appreciated by the book critics on the forefront of the Indian book industry. You can read his novel by getting a Kindle copy from Amazon India: click here to buy the novel 

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