Hello all! Today I am sharing my reading desk for the next month and the month to come – August and September 2018. I will be reading novels, a few classics and some moderns as well as a few nonfiction titles including one very interesting book on spirituality by Ananda Karunesh and one very distinct biography by Lal Bhatia. Other than that, I will also be revisiting my syllabus library for a look back on those two years and to possibly find something interesting out of my ‘studied’ literary pieces. So, let’s get on the list! 

I will be taking up Two Cheers of Democracy by E. M. Forster in August. The book is very well-respected among the intellectuals as well as the readers who read it for pleasure. Not only that, the book has certain ambiguities and contradictions which have been very well pointed out by one of the top book bloggers in India, Alok Mishra in his post on the same book. This book will be my first priority because I have read Forster’s other books recently. 
After reading Forster, I will be taking up a few fiction books and on that section of the list, I have Kafka’s short story collection and one novel by Suraj Laxminarayanan, Elephants in the Room which I will be taking up in September because the book will be launched in the same month. Suraj’s book has been praised by the beta readers for its quality analysis of the situations during the crime and when human psychology leads to psychosis… I am excited to read his debut crime fiction and I am sure it will prove to be a good read for me. Kafka does not need any introduction! He is immortal! 
In the latter part of August, I will be reading a spiritual book written by Ananda Karunesh – recently sent to me by one of my friends. I will be reading this book with expectations because it is claimed to be something new and something which did not happen until now… well, I am curious! The author has talked to Goddesses and the book contains the transcript of the conversation with Lakshmi! Well, I am quite amazed by the idea and I will wait to see how does the book amaze me! 
As told earlier, I will be reading Lal Bhatia’s debut book as well – Indicting Goliath. In the book, he has exposed the double standard and hypocrisy of the USA. Lal’s book is based on his own experience and a portion of life that he spent in the USA, suffering in the prison and being tortured on the hint of his family and friends he trusted for good! Indicting Goliath, by far the reviews I have read, looks to be an exciting journey which promises the redemption to its author because he was acquitted by the Justice Department, USA. 
Let’s see how do I find myself after my readings… I will share the reviews with the readers of The Best Books as I finish reading and then writing reviews. 
Till then, do enjoy whatever you are reading! 
by Suraj for The Best Books 

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