Book: 23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit? 
Author: Gajender Sharma 
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: Partridge Publisher 
Genre: Science Fiction 

This is a novel that I picked with so much expectation and many of them were met with the content that is interesting in nature and also complete in artistic measures. Though there are a few disappointments that I got from the novel, largely it was a good experience reading this one by Gajender Sharma. Science fiction genre has been served with eye-catching visual display of science and innovation and many things that are impossible even in imagination today – living on the Mars and inhabiting the Moon! Can anyone think of doing so? Well, in the dreams may be and the authors are known for living these imaginations in the world they create. 
The central character in this novel is Ztocmi, the scientist who is responsible for the successful completion of the Earth Resort project. He works in close connection with others from the Moon and the Mars. He also works closely with his co-scientist Zoi, who is known as the most intelligent woman on the earth. Ztocmi is intelligent, active and ambitious. He thinks that this mission will change the course of science in the universe. 
There are may scenes in the novel that will fill the readers’ hearts with excitement as well as with surprises. Holohumans are half humans and half robots created with hologram technic. There are robots on the earth who live with human beings as their family members and human beings are equipped with the technologies that are generally found in the robots. They can open their personal screen anytime and anywhere and make it vanish as per their needs. They can schedule their day, call other persons, plan their holidays and do almost anything just by their thoughts rather than the need to do anything physically. 
Space travel has become very easy – as the author presents in his novel a vision for a hundred and fifty years from now. However, is all this enough to find the basic answers to basic questions? Who has created us? Who invented us? Who made us? Who made life on earth possible? There are many questions that will arise in the minds of the readers once the conclusion of this novel arrives. That is the best part to me and also many other leading book reviewers in India who have discussed this novel on their book review websites in India
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Review by Guddu for The Best Books website 

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