An Apology for Shakespeare is a bold defence of poetry put forth by the poet S A Joseph. S A Joseph is an academician and poet based in Kerala and his poetry has been well praised by the readers and book critics in India. His collection of poems An Apology for Shakespeare came out in 2014, November and since then, it has been a talk among the readers who love reading poetry. Praising the book, Alok Mishra, a well-known book reviewer and critic, writes: 
“An Apology for Shakespeare, unlike most other ambitious attempts at poetry, is far more serious and sophisticated. The poet of this collection exactly knows what he is trying to do and he succeeds as well.”
And he is surely justified in his words because once a reader goes through the work by S A Joseph, it is certain that the content will attract that reader’s mind. The poet has kept the illusion almost far throughout the book and he has carefully worked with the reality at hand and fused his artistic vision to create a wonderful blend which the readers like so much in the works of poetry. 
In the 23rd chapter of An Apology for Shakespeare, the poet S A Joseph writes: 
“Poetry for them 
Is the letters and pages.” 
‘Them’ has been here for the poets and readers who are rather doing a disservice to this great art known as poetry. The poet seems frustrated by the callousness that the world has been showing towards poetry because the poet himself believes in poetry so much that he knows poetry can never fail us! He keeps poetry above religion as well as politics. 
Major themes in this book are the dimensions of poetry and the dimensions of this creation by God. The poet, on several occasions, challenges and questions God as well. He cunningly praises Lucifer to let us be aware what have we been doing with the precious gift of life that God has given us. 
An Apology for Shakespeare is the product of an age which has been in the dilemma since the very dawn it began. We have been through several devastating experiences that we cannot decide what is right and what is wrong and the same emotions are captured by S A Joseph in this wonderful collection of poems. Any reader who loves reading poetry and also loves admiring the experimental and bold nature of poetry should read this work for sure! You can get your copy of An Apology for Shakespeare by clicking on the Amazon link below: 
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