What the hell? Have you heard this? Is it just me or is everything shit? Well, for those who did not get me, I am just letting you know the title of a book which is a bestseller! Surprised? Please behold Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit, a book written by Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur. A rather bizarre yet funny book title hides so many amazing facts inside and you will just be amazed by the outwitting wit of the authors. 

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“‘She’s too fat!’ ‘Wait, she’s too SKINNY!’ ‘Or is she so utterly FANTASTIC it’s not true?’ ‘No, she’s a SLAPPER! With sweat-patches!’ For fuck’s sake, at least make your minds up.” 

This is the thing that you are going to be served with when you begin reading this book. And believe me, you are going to be left with continuous shock of laughter as well as the moments of extreme serious considerations and continuous pondering. 

In short, to cut the things short, the authors are just bitching about their minds on almost everything which goes around us – moving or dumped. The book The Best of Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit? is written in candid language and you will find the thoughts which arise in the minds of almost all of us – this or that moment. The authors, Steve and Alan are just wondering and wandering and shouting at the same time to make us think, laugh, ponder and just wonder. 

The best thing about this book is that you will see the list of things being talked about in a nice dictionary-styled alphabetical order so that you can just stumble upon and find the things of your choice if they feature. They have talked about Alpha males, adult editions of children’s books, advise slips, Charlie Blair, Big Brother, Cornish Nationalism, Exercise videos, Official sponsors of sports events and blah blah blah! They haven’t stopped, literally! Talking about the Handball game: 

“People would take the Olympics a lot more seriously if they didn’t include Handball. They are just throwing a ball to each other like a bunch of kids. It’s just stupid. …” 

You are surely going to enjoy reading this book and finding the amusing thoughts mostly. The book is for the leisure killers who want to spend some moments with themselves and enjoy the day. You can read this book in pieces and just enjoy the hours… the book is so good and having the least possible quotient of seriousness. You shouldn’t expect that this book will allow you some intellectual take-away – just sit tight and begin laughing! Happy Reading! You can get this book from Amazon from the link below: 

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