Prabhat Ranjan’s debut novel With You; Without You has been released and the general notion among the readers is generally positive because the author has done everything he could do to ensure a good novel for the readers. With You; Without You is a novel which will take you to the waves of love and urges of friendship and also the twisting whirlwind which encompasses them both and their frontiers. The story, in short, revolves around three important characters in the novel which forms a different kind of love-triangle – Nishind, Aditya and Rami (Rashmi). They are friends and their childhood, as well as the teenage and then the early youth, is spent together and they form a close relationship with each other. There is nothing to the discomfort of their friendship because children and youth seldom know the feeling love is – they rather go with attraction. 

Prabhat Ranjan, the author of With You; Without You has ensured that the readers get best of the dilemma between friendship and love in his novel. He has wonderfully summarised what is love and what is friendship and what happens when we begin to develop love interest in our friend or we tend to make our love interest in our friend. The writing of Prabhat Ranjan will offer you the vivid details of the confusion and chaos when falling in love for the very first time and he does not do the same stunts as most of the authors do – he has kept his novel away from the popular market demand and you will never find a detail which improvises lust of any kind and try to mould it into love… the details and the description written by Prabhat are all abstract and practical and he does it wonderfully. 
Nishind, at the beginning, is in love with Rami and Rami thinks that Nishind is just her friend and she is in love with Aditya. Nishind, for the sake of his love for Rami makes a ‘sinful’ mistake and does everything at his command to separate Aditya and Rami and he is successful at last. However, something very bad happens and all the three of the friends are separated to meet again only after a while but in a totally different scenario. The transition between the scenes and the setting of the novel and the beautiful descriptions of the various places the novel wanders will only make you fall in love with the narrative Prabhat Ranjan has created. Reading Hindi literature comes to its best when you read Prabhat’s debut one – With You; Without You. Aditya’s confused love and Nishind’s baffled one with Rami’s dedicated one is the mixture which drives the novel home. Prabhat Ranjan has kept the decorum of the words and the language and he is always within the reach of the readers. 
The novel is written from Nishind’s point of view and the author will somehow seem to you to be tilted towards this character. Nishind’s agony and his salvation will the things that you will remember along with the wit and confidence of Rami or Rashmi Desai. If you are a fan of the Hindi novels and like Hindi Literature’s progress, you have to be reading With You; Without You very soon… get the copy for yourself from Amazon India today: 

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