Book: L.O.L: Law of Luck 
Author: Natansh Goyal 
Review by – Kavish for TBB 
Publisher: Notion Press 
Year: 2018 
Rating: 2/5 stars 

L.O.L: Law of Luck is a recent novel written by debutant author named Natansh Goyal. The novel is usual and typical story based on a youth who is rather desperate to get his virginity lost and he fancies different ways to do so – on a plane or with his girlfriend who ditches her rather earlier. Could you be expecting something else in the modern novels? Just to add material to it, the author has added a feature of Law of Attraction to the novel which sounds good – here, in the novel, the guy thinks of anything and gets it – that easy. 

L.O.L: Law of Luck could be a good novel if the author could add some substance to it which it desperately lacks. Not only that, it also lacks the standards of fiction in general – the language, the plot and the overall buildup of the fiction is more amusing than one could imagine. It’s good for the readers who like reading casual fiction and nothing else – no seriousness or depth in the narrative; casual set-up of events; moralless or desperate characters and no story – a guy chasing a girl and that’s it! You are done! 

This novel, as I could understand based on my reading, is a perfect example of how the modern Indian fiction is losing its path and code. It is going nowhere – you have a bag of stuff which brings out something new everytime it opens – IPL betting, chasing and getting a girl, trying out the air hostess on plane and reaching nowhere at the end… it was out of my perception and yes, it surely did make me laugh on many occasions so you can say that it can pass your time with amusement and there you might find a suitable use of this novel by Natansh Goyal! Otherwise, the character Ravi Gupta isn’t gonna impress you! 

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