Book: Little Maryam
Author: Hamid Baig 
Pages: 296
Publisher: Notion Press
Year: 2018 
Reviewed by: Nilesh Ranjan 

Reading romance has never been my prerogative but this book by Hamid Baig, Little Maryam, has certainly something about it. It seems true because of the details that have been given in the novel. It seems that Hamid has conceived the novel with utmost care and minutely involved in the fiction writing and then only something like this can be produced. While I had the opportunity of reading many authors who debut with a romance genre fiction, I will certainly say that Little Maryam has something different – the plot is abruptly pleasing and so is the narrative – you will never be feeling ‘too much’ and the urge to read and finish the novel does never die! 

The novel opens in Dehradun – the city of nature and joy. We meet three characters instantly – Saadiq, his father Haji and Colonel’s daughter Maryam. As it moves, readers are never allowed to let off the hook. It’s gripping and gets more and more gripping as the story moves faster. Maryam and Saadiq are inclined to each other and it eventually turns into a relationship called love – they are passionately involved in loving each other but the author has denied inserting any El James’ or Durjoy D’s style of passion in it. 

More characters emerge in the form of politician Ashish and his son Ritesh. Ritesh becomes friend with Maryam and Saadiq and he knows they love each other. However, before the lovers could raise their issue in front of the colonel, scene changes tragically and Ritesh’s unintentional murder charge sees Saadiq behind the bars and things go out of hand… Maryam and Saadiq are separated by fate and circumstances. 

I will not disclose more because they meet again and situations are very different – a reader will need to read the novel to be satisfied and thrilled to a next level by the quality writing techniques employed by Hamid Baig. 

The progress of the novel is steady and sometimes abrupt. Moreover, the emotional ending is something which eulogizes Saadiq Haider to a further level. Maryam’s loss is irreversible but her gain is also something that can never be imagined! 

In entertainment literature, I will say that Hamid Baig has done a great job! He has offered the readers what they love reading – a novel with emotions, passion, struggle and love, true love! Though it might have been working well, he has not written about the big breasts or the oral sex description as Chetan Bhagat has done in One Indian Girl; still, I will say that the novel is more passionate and far romantic than Chetan’s. Only explicit scenes don’t make a romance work! 

Language is reader’s choice – easy. It makes possible for the readers to start and finish the novel on the same day! You will not regret reading this novel as it has all the elements you might have been expecting a novel to have – with some drawbacks which you will identify yourself. 

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review by Nilesh R

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