The month of February is very important as we celebrate many events in this month – events which are important not only for a specific group of people but for the whole world. Youths engage in the proceedings of Valentine’s day and elders on the farms celebrate the arrival of spring with songs and dance. Moreover, the readers are busy celebrating the month of reading as the spring does not affect them with sweat or with shivering… spring is neutral and hence the best of the months for the readers. So, we have picked 5 books which you can read in February 2018 and spend your valuable time. 

Persuasion: A classic Jane Austen family drama – the novel will let you enjoy the bliss of solitude once you start reading it. Written in a typical witty style of Jane Austen, Persuasion deals with the Elliotts and the Musgroves, two families in the early 19th century England. The novel isn’t the usually lengthy romantic novel, it is short and readable and enjoyable as well. 
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Despite Stolen Dreams: How about some modern Indian fiction? Anita Krishan’s latest novel (2017) Despite Stolen Dreams is a novel set in Delhi, Indian Capital and it comes to settle in Delhi after a problem in Kashmir called terrorism. The Wali Khan story will leave you with pleasant feelings as well as the occasional trauma when you come to know the bitter facts of life through this work. Anita has written the novel in a beautiful language and she has also included witty devices such as analogy and implicit metaphors. A picture of the modern Kashmir problem and the life beyond stolen dreams – you will certainly enjoy it! 
Meditations: How would it be reading some serious non-fiction? You will love it! J Krishnamurti’s book Meditations will reflect the art of meditation in its best possible form. “The death that meditation brings about is the mortality of the new.” And many more caprices await you inside the book. You can finish this wonderful book within hours if you are in a haste or you can enjoy and digest it within 3-4 days if you are a reader affected by the Baconian syndrome of chewing and digesting the books you love! 
American Maharajah: Well, this is a book which will certainly prove to the fiction of the month this time! American Maharajah is written by American novelist Mark Stephen Levy and this book offers us a story of Ravi Shankar, an Indo-American young man who is bewildered when he discovers the strange facts about his life and about his birth. He comes to India to enjoy a casual trip but is changed completely after knowing the reality. You will certainly enjoy this piece by Mark. Language is clean but crisp and so is the plot. An easy but more than simply interesting read! 
Pele – The Autobiography: Who does not know Pele? If you don’t know Pele yet, perhaps you don’t know one of the most precious pairs of legs ever descended on this planet. Widely considered as one of the greatest players ever to have played football, Pele will take you into the life of this great footballer. You will be surprised to know some interesting facts about his life and his sports. A must reads sports autobiography! 
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