Dear friends, today we are writing to let you know about the latest book review and literary content website which has surfaced on the web. We really hope that you will like this platform a lot. Established by the readers who read books critically, Active Reader is a platform where you can read latest book reviews, author interviews and many other quality contents like literary opinions, latest literature news and polls etc. Active Reader, as we know, is managed by energetic youths who are interested in literature and want to do something in the same field. Taking a look at their services section, you can find several important information about what kind of services do they provide to their target interested groups. 

Platforms like Active Reader become very popular because of the people’s increasing interest in following literature in general as well as the trend of book reading is also spreading these days, rather rapidly. People love reading books in their leisure but before getting themselves the books to read, they also want to make sure that the opinions about particular books are good – that’s why they tend to follow many Indian Book Review Websites
Active Reader has started off well with the reviews of some of the recent books which are popular. They have also started with their humorous style of opinion making and that’s really good to read. You will certainly find their website content interesting enough to begin following. 
About the look and feel of the website, it’s simple and content-oriented with no unnecessary glitches of ads, promotional content etc. That’s clean and content and nothing else. Therefore, browsing and navigating through content will be fairly easy. You will see what you need and nothing else. 
You can help these guys settle and get more readers by sharing their content on social media platforms that you have subscribed to. It will let the good thing about them spread across and people will certainly follow if they find the things on the website interesting enough. Want to take a look at their website? Here is the link to them: 

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