With the rise in the numbers of self-help books published every year, one can expect that there is a flood of motivational books in the market and you cannot choose, very easily, which one should be your next companion for a few days. Yes, it happens and it has happened with me as well. However, I look for a few things that help me choose whether a book is within my sphere of requirements or not. And this is why I have chosen and read the bestselling motivational book by Sharat Sharma recently – The One Invisible Code.


As the title already suggests, the book does not offer something that you can read and accelerate everything instantly. It offers a deep-healing kind of formula that will work gradually but surely if you take care of the ideas, opinions, suggestions and practical steps that the author asks to follow. For example, the best thing about Sharat Sharma’s style is his very approach to the content that he offers in his book. He offers it in the best possible way – in simple language, with proper charts and points, and, if necessary, with proper diagrams as well. I have just liked the way he has done it. On page number 56, you should see the Orbit of Mastery and you will not be able to stop yourself from admiring the way in which the author has presented it with simplicity. Awareness about oneself leads to acceleration in life.

Another thing that I have noticed in the writing of Sharat is that he does not dictate his ideas to the readers. He reveals them slowly, with a pace that would allow his readers to get in-tune with the content and grasp it to the best possible extent. This is a quality that I see lacking in many authors who tend to be dogmatic about their opinions and ideas.

The author has told stories featuring a character and his master. Their conversations are the churning yard where the author has fused knowledge and wisdom in the content. You can get it from there or you can get it form the sections that follow the story. In a way, Sharat has tried to make his writing as interesting as possible and keep his non-fiction book away from the suspected boredom that it often finds itself sick with. This is also very much appreciable and wonderful as well.

To cut things short and to end this article, I will say that Sharat Sharma has risen to the occasion of self-help genre’s demand and produced something which is not only simplistic to read but also very useful to understand and very easy to implement in one’s life. He has tried to make the readers aware about the things that need to change and then suggested the ways one can change those things to further enhance them. And this is what this genre is intended to do – making someone better and accepting the change.

Piece by Jitesh for The Best Books

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